Needs Review: Usage Funnel with Warby Parker

The rubric is attached:Rubric|690x454

Here are the Style guidelines:

Here is my power point:

[](http://My Usage Funnel for Warby Parker)

Hello! Unfortunately, when I try to view your powerpoint, I get this screen:Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 08.14.00
Consider setting the sharing restrictions to anyone with the link.

Thank you for taking the time to open the link. I just changed the default restricted to open to anyone with link.

I think you’ve managed a 4 in most of the sections from me! You’ve clearly (and concisely) answered every question on the power point, and you’ve included the code at the end, which I think is better and more presentable than just having it on the same slide. From looking at your queries, they do seem to be able to retrieve all the required data from the table-so good job! For the formatting, you’ve met every guideline except for the 3rd point-although that isn’t something to be overly concerned about. The last row should also be a 4, as the terminology used was (quite) consistent and analytical.

Well done!

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Thank you for taking the time. I appreciate your feedback.

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Here is my code by the way since it was supposed to be attached:

The code is good-just one suggestion. When you write SUM(something) AS "somethingelse", you should then use that alias for the rest of that query, instead of using SUM(something). Like here:

  COUNT(user_id) AS "took_quiz",
  SUM(is_home_try_on) AS "home_try_on",
  SUM(is_purchase) AS "is_purchase",
  1.0 * SUM(is_home_try_on)/*consider using home_try_on instead  of SUM(is_home_try_on)*// COUNT(user_id) AS "%  who took quiz and then tried on glasses",
  1.0 * SUM(is_purchase) / SUM(is_home_try_on) AS "%  who decided to purchase after trying"
FROM funnel;
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Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind when working on the churn project I’m about to start.

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