Needs of code academy

hello this website is great. I liked it, but The website needs to have online support it will be great and helpfull

They do have support outside of the forum. You just have to pay for Pro to get it. :neutral_face:

they force me to write more words …
get it thanks.

You posted this on the support forum, you can get online support here!

Also, @coding_mama is right - with Codecademy Pro, users are given access to Codecademy Advisors - people who talk you through exercises and courses, as well as projects, course paths and more. If you don’t like the forum, I’d suggest paying for Pro, but to be honest, I think the forum is pretty good anyway :wink:

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@jibblyj is right. Users can get a lot of help, and individually, find many answers using the forum. If you’re having issues with a particular exercise, click the Get Help button in the bottom right corner of your lesson, next click I need help with this exercise, and finally choose Codecademy Forums which will take you directly to the forum for your lesson. You do have help sources. You just have to use them.

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