Needing help with a couple of practice questions regarding constructors

var prius = new Car(‘Toyota’, ‘Prius’, 2011);

var mustang = new Car(‘Ford’, ‘Mustang’, 2013);

prius.moveCar(); // Increments prius’ move property by 10. Returns the new move property.

mustang.moveCar(); // Increments mustang’ move property by 10. Returns the new move property.

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Write a constructor function, including method definitions, which will make the above function invocations function properly.

Hint: you'll need to add a move property,

  with a starting value of zero, and write a moveCar function which will increment the move property by 10.

The move property will be added to every object that is being returned from the Car function.

You'll also need to use the 'this' keyword properly in order to make sure you're

  invoking moveCar on the right object (prius vs mustang).


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this is what I have so far

function Car(make, model, year){

this.make = make;

this.model = model;

this.year = year;


Car.prototype.moveCar = function(move){

return move + 10;


////////// PROBLEM 4 //////////


Here we have a constructor function named Movie that takes in 3 parameters:

  name (a string), genre (a string), and rating (a number withing 1-100 that has been averaged out from previous given ratings).

Write a prototype method for the Movie constructor function called changeRating.

This method should take in a number as a parameter that will be a new rating.

Find the average between the old rating and the new rating.

Change the rating property to become this new number and return the updated rating.


function Movie(name, genre, rating) { = name;

this.genre = genre;

this.rating = rating;


// Code here

This is what I have so far

Movie.prototype.changeRating = function(num){

this.rating += num;

return rating;