Needing help learning what programs I need to build websites

So, I’m already learning the program languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc and feel comfortable with my learning in those but I’m confused as to what other programs I need to build websites. I keep getting on the right track I think, but then derail because I get flustered and confused if I’m looking at the right stuff to download. I understand I need a database to store user info and what not, such as MYSQL and I think I need a sever? So something like WordPress? But I have no idea and I really need help with what programs I need. I have Visual Code Editor that I’ve used to build my site so far in HTML and CSS and it is capable of doing Javascript I think I read, so I need something that works with my code editor so that way when I’m done coding everything I can just publish it?
I’m really wanted to build a horse simulated website.

Thanks in advance for any help!

if only things where that simple

if you already know php, and intent to use mySql, you use what is known as LAMP stack (linux, apache, mysql and php)

you could get started with xampp (which bundles all this), then to deploy you would need a VPS (virtual personal server) somewhere.

Does this still apply if I’ve already built my full basic website with the Visual Code Editor?

I’m trying to figure out where to go next from the basic site I have created so far. I’m wanting to create user login etc and stuff and that’s when I read I need to learn javascript which I’ve been currently trying to learn, but then I got stuck trying to figure out where I can even try and tie that in to the coding I’ve done with VS code. How to get them to work together, so I wasn’t sure if I needed a VS extension to use javascript within it or a different program that will tie the two together.

Then of course, not knowing what I should use for a database or server. I appreciate the help, it’s been a long time dream of mine to be able to make this website reality.

where did you read this? Not true. Although suppose if you count nodeJS as javascript (fair enough), its kind of true

visual studio code is capable of writing html, css, js, php and more.

html can load JS using <script> tag.

If you windows, you can install xampp to get started with running database and webserver for php. That should be your first focus

Thank you, I’ll try this and mess around with it. Is it okay for me to post here with more questions I run into?

Of course :slight_smile: