Need your help on Worker Support COVID-19 Program

Hello everyone, I received approval from Codecademy for free 3 month Pro membership in the Worker support program. Now I am learning 7trial day. My question is after complete 7 trial days, will Codecademy charge my membership or start to grant me free next 3months? I received the reminder email “Your Pro trial is ending soon” , this makes me confused. Thanks for your help

Reminder mail:

Hello @duy9527745980, welcome to the forums! When you received approval of your free membership, did you get a coupon code? Because if you did, I think when you pay for PRO, it gives the option to enter a coupon code or discount. @alyssavigil, do you know what happens in this scenario?

Thanks for your prompt feedback, I didn’t get the coupon code, just the confirmed mail as below. Please help to check my email

I’ve invited a CC team member to this topic, so they should be able to help.

Apart from that, all I can think of is that your membership either takes a few days to go from being approved to actually coming into effect, the membership only starts after the free trial, or you are actually in the PRO membership, and the email (free trial expiring) has just been released automatically, or didn’t get stopped from being sent.

Hello, I just end 7trial days and back to Free member. What should I do for next step?

Hello @duy9527745980. I will resend the invite to one of CC’s staff. @alyssavigil, @lilybird, could you help with the issue? In the meantime, I suppose you could submit a ticket to the billing services help centre using this link:
I’m sorry I couldn’t help more.

Edit: I’ve contacted some of CC’s team members and moderators. I will tell you what they say to me, or they may contact you directly.

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@codeneutrino I fixed the link you posted to the Help Center. :slight_smile:

@duy9527745980 I would presume that, since you need to create / log in with a Codecademy account to apply for the Worker Support PRO program that the 3-month subscription would be automatically applied to that account.

This is speculation, as I don’t work for Codecademy and so don’t know how everything is being done “behind the scenes” but… the Worker Support program is being run on the basis of offering 5 free subscriptions to eligible workers for every 1 Pro subscription that someone else buys.

I suppose that, on that basis, it’s possible that a “waiting list” exists of eligible workers who have been accepted to receive subscriptions but are waiting for a purchase to be made before they can be issued.

This is, like I say, all just a guess. If you want to follow up on your application to the Worker Support program, you should contact Codecademy support through the link in @codeneutrino’s post:

thanks @thepitycoder @codeneutrino for your guile line. I just completed raising a ticket by this link

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Someone from the Codecademy Customer Support team ought to get back to you about the ticket in 48-72 hours. :slight_smile: