Need WebDesigner Friends

I need friends to help build a website. I want to create a website idk what about but if I had some people I can work together that would be great I’m 16 years old and I finished my ‘HTML & CSS’ and “make a website” course contact me on Kik “Joshy423754” I need people my age 14-17

Hey, When you decide on what website you are making drop me a PM(personal message) and I will gladly assist you … Sorry I’m not on kik


I’d love to help but unfortunately I’m only 13…

Are you good with HTML and CSS?

I’m willing to try and help, but I don’t have Kik anymore. Feel free to send me a PM though.


I’m sure I pretty know the basics of it and understands how it works. I cannot prove you I’m an expert at it (like designing super cool designs). Like HTML is OK, for CSS, I’ll have to look over references to find the right one. On the side of server languages, I currently know PHP, SQL, and Ruby. I am planning to learn more but I think PHP and SQL are very easy on building websites.

I just do coding for hobby, I’m not a professional and I won’t do it for money, but I’d like to help if you want.