Need some project guidance

Hey guys!

So, I’ve been learning how to code for a while now, but for some reason my brain has hit a wall when it comes to projects. The issue that I’m having is trying to put together what I know so far with html, css and Js into something real.

For example, I can build a simple site using Bootstrap 4 without much of an issue, I’m far from an expert but I can handle my own. Now, when it comes to JavaScript, I literally have no idea how to even begin building anything. I can follow along with a tutorial just fine, but when it comes to spreading my wings and taking flight on my own, I just fall straight down - flat on my face - with my feathers raining down on my lifeless body…

Anyways, I always hear people say “just build stuff”, which is the most obvious thing, but my question is, how does the process work when you’re NOT following a tutorial? I guess what I’m stuck on is logic?

Any tips, tricks, advice, anything would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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you could start with codewars or codinggame (or something similar)? You get a task, which you have to complete on your own, without help, so you have to break it down in steps.

freecodecamp also has plenty JS specific challenges

if you like something which combines html, css & js, you could start real simple: a button which toggles text, so something like:

<button>click me</button>
<p>toggle me</p>

or an <input type="text"> and a button, that when the button is clicked that what the user has typed in the input element is displayed on the page

then you could make that more dynamic, update the paragraph every time the user adds or removes a letter from the input field.


Hey! Putting JS, HTML, and CSS together is a common stumbling block for people learning how to code – you definitely aren’t alone!

I would recommend this course as the best place to get started in order to put it all together:


Even the people that say it still have problems with this. I also say this to people yet i myself am often without a project.
Its not even that surprising. Writers and artists have this problem all the time.

As @stetim94 said. Find some code challenges and work on those daily. I do this and most projects for me just start because of curiosity of how far i can take things or because i’m trying to find out how it works/should work.

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Why don’t you try to do something you enjoy doing from the lesson and redoing. What do you want to create? A game, a web page, whatever it may be. You can change you ideas later if you don’t like it, but you have to try if you want to do it.

I hope this helps =)