Need some help!


What's wrong here..?

var object1 = {
    name: "mihai",
    age: 23
var object2 = new Object();
object2.["income month"] = "55 euro";
object2.aim = "get as fast as possible a job";

var object3 = {};
object3.["interview attempts"] = 3;
object3.skills = ["HTML", "CSS", "JS"];


Hi first in the var object1 you should put "," at the end not ";" in the second anotation when you assigne an Object it should be like that object2["income/month"] = "55 euro"; whithout a dot between object2 and ["income/month"] and in the is the same for the third one you should remove the dot and it shoud be like that
object3.["interview attempts"] = 3;


Oh thx just after 3 minutes of looking on your post I figured out those dots.