Need some help with projects/learn-css-curious-ornithologist question 10

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I am currently doing ( Learn Intermediate CSS | Codecademy) projects practise and stuck at with the question number 10.
couldn’t seems to be able to find any get unstuck video through the get unstuck as well.
Could anyone help to explain what is this question needed me to do and how do you actually doing it?

Much appreciated of your help.

The question number 10 :

—see below----

Now that the themes have been created, let’s add unique features to each one!

To start, when the theme is switched to the dark mode we want the image of the hummingbird to change into an owl. To do this we need to create two separate variables to toggle between. Each variable will store one of the images.

Back inside the :root pseudo-class ruleset, create one variable called --main-bird and another variable called --night-bird . Using the url() function, set the value of --main-bird to be the image titled 'hummingbird.jpg' (an image of a hummingbird) and the value of --night-bird to be the image titled 'owl.jpg' (an image of an owl). The images are located inside the images folder.

this is what i try to type in:

/Adding Interactions and Features/

–main-bird:url(’/images/hummingbird.jpg’) var(–night-bird);

I am not sure what else needs to be done .got really confused here.

Thank you for your help.

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This might be the question I submitted a bug report about maybe 2 weeks ago. Use the links from the page, not the filepaths in the folder.

Ah,ok. I will give it a try that way. :slightly_smiling_face: