Need some help with game dev functions project

I’m pretty early in the project and I created the score variable and its not displaying the score but it is displaying the time. Here’s my current code.

let currentBurrowKey;

let timeLeft=30;

let score = ‘0’

let isPaused = false;

Based on the variable names, I believe you are working on the Mole Unearther project in the Learn Phaser course. Is that correct?

Since you are able to see the time, but the score is not being displayed at all, you should double check how you are declaring the score variable. You’ll be doing math with it later in the project, so make sure you set it’s initial value to an appropriate datatype.

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I changed my code as follows but I only see the time remaining not the score.

let currentBurrowKey;

let timeLeft = 30;

let score = 0;

let isPaused = false;

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