Need Some Guidance

Hello Everyone !,

Newbie here who recently started learning how to code. I am currently a plumber and want to make a career change into this field due to wanting to work from home and stop physically hurting myself on the job. I have started 2 months so far attempting to learn Python and about a 3 weeks since I had come across Codecademy and picking up their courses. Recently I have been feeling burnt out and feel like giving up. I have reached the Loops segment and having difficulty with it and just feel like the progress I have made before is just wasting away. For those who are self taught (no knowledge whatsoever in coding) approximately how long did it take for you to learn a language or atleast become proficient in it? i would like to hear some journeys and how long did it take to attain a job


Hi Chip,

I am new to the coding world like yourself, and I feel as though another beginner’s perspective could help.

I constantly feel like I’m not learning as fast as I should, or that I’m not skilled enough to learn what I’m trying to learn. I get burnt out–and quickly. But those feelings and thoughts of self-doubt are only coming from a place of frustration. Like you, I want a career change (and now, ha)–but I also need to be gentle and honest with myself. Learning to code is hard work, and while I would love to be able to learn it all overnight, I know it isn’t possible. It’s going to take time. So, when I feel like my frustration is building from something I don’t understand, or a project I can’t seem to figure out–I step away. I take a breath, I do something I enjoy, and when I feel like I can tackle the challenge again, I come back renewed and refreshed.

Preserve, set goals, and remember to be gentle with yourself. There’s an entire community on the same journey as you, and we’ll all succeed together!


Hi Chip,

Never loose hope first. To develop the skills for any programming language is time taking If you didn’t studied about it like you didn’t complete the degree from any college/university in computer field. So, for your understanding when I was student I was trapped even a loop function for months (6 maybe). So, If you really want to learn the programming language, you have to take a course even from CodeAcademy and learn time by time. Still stuck with? Again try with some online teacher who taught you conceptually not just deep dive into code. I want you to write the problem in paper and solve it from a function program, you will definitely reach at some point that you can understand the coding. Still not works for you? Join the on-site courses near your location directly.

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It does take time, I know it’s not impossible but sometimes it feels like a bump in the road. best way for me to describe when I progress is I can tell when I “Level up” like a video game character or show lol. I constantly look at Youtube videos and do the Python course here. Wanted people’s personal experience and feedback on their success , because I too would like to work for a company one day.

For example , At the time I made the original post I was learning and lost at Loops . Yesterday seen a Python project video being made using loops and I told myself “Hey I can do that” lol not 100% but I understood it more. Still got many questions but it’s hard not having a foundation to help build on. Codecademy does help hugely though.

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