Need some advice on learning React

Hello All,
I’m enrolled in the Front End Engineer career path and completed up to Javascript. Now that I need to start React, I see the course structure is based on class components. My goal is to learn Functional components using Hooks since it is being used in my workplace. How useful would it be to continue with this course learning the class components? Please advise if this is the right decision to continue learning Class components.

Thanks in Advance!!


While class components are taught first, the path teaches both class and functional components (with Hooks) and I believe functional components are first introduction in React II (Module 22).

Even if you’ll primarily be using functional components (and since they’re more modern they are becoming far more common in the real world) in your job, I’d still suggest going though the modules on class components first as it’s still a fairly important and foundational topic to know and (even though they’re a little older), the chances are pretty high that you’ll end up having to use them somewhere.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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I agree with @notlyall. In addition to that, if I’m not mistaken, the projects split up: The first half of them are class based and the other half is function based. Most of the core concepts you’ll learn there are shared between class and function components – like passing props and the modularity of a composition.
What’s different is the lifecycle.
What I did for extra practice was doing the Ravenous project (not part of the Front End Path) – the instructions are class based – and implement it as a function based project.
I’m also using function components only now and I don’t have the feeling that learning class components first was a waste of time.

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Gotcha. Thanks much @notlyall @mirja_t for giving me clear insights about the class & functional components. I’ll start continuing the FE path.