Need recommendations for good affordable laptop for programming

I’m thinking of buying a new laptop, and since I am going to study programming and computer science next year I want it to be good for programming.

I looked it up and saw recommendations for very expensive computers, which I cannot afford right now. I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a good, strong, fast computer at an affordable price.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, there!

This is going to depend on your budget and personal preferences. You’ll probably want to consider screen size, graphics, RAM, and what operating system you’d like to use. I just started coding, but am currently using an HP-14dq2000 series that I got for school. I cannot remember how much it was when I got it, but I know it was far cheaper than most top-tier laptops. The screen is a tad small, so I also use a secondary monitor with it. As it is was intended for school use, I didn’t care much about the RAM, and so it only has 8gb (I’d probably prefer 16gb or 32gb). So, those are two things I’d be reconsidering myself if purchasing a laptop for the future. Definitely shop around, and maybe even wait until it’s almost time to go back to school. I know a lot of laptops go through “back-to-school” sales.

Happy shopping!

Thanks! I will look in to it.

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