Need Pro Access


I would like to know If I upgrade my free account to Codecademy Pro, then should I get access to all courses available in Codecademy, or I need to follow any one path like 'Full Stack Path', 'Front End Path' or 'Coding Intro Path'.. Please let me know..


@itsamartya: You're able to have access to all courses in Codecademy, regardless if you're a Pro user or not.
Also, you'll be able to either pick one of their paths or make up your own.


If you mean the main courses (JS, HTML/CSS, etc.) , then you're right, but I think they mean the Pro-only end projects.

@itsamartya if you were indeed talking about the Pro projects, yes you can access all of them as Pro.

As Pro, you have access to everything on Codecademy.


@jibblyj: Thought I've mentioned about it, ugh.
Thanks for the heads up, jibb! :v: