Need more lessons before projects

Ive been stuck on the second project for days, i doubt I’m alone here so i wanted to ask for some more advanced lessons before the projects. I’m using other resources (outside your site) to learn the skills needed for the projects making me think theres a bit of a big gap in your curriculum, just some feedback.

It’s a pretty hard project. Doesn’t look like you’ve posted any questions in this forum - that usually helps me. Maybe you’ve talked to an advisor, though?

I agree…codecademy is my first dip into coding, and I did really well with the lessons, but the projects are crazy hard for me. I get that problem solving is a huge part of coding but there is definitely a big leap between the expectations of the lessons and the projects.

Isn’t it a good idea to the free html + css course first? I recommend those before doing the projects

That’s what I did, at least. I completed the free course, then got a subscription and re-did all the HTML projects for more practice, and then moved on to the projects. The courses have no info on Bootstrap, responsive images, etc., and I’m getting stuck on nearly every project. I really like Codecademy and it’s been a great learning tool, but I felt completely unprepared for these projects and would have like the actual courses (with hints, examples, and repetition) to cover Bootstrap etc. if they’re going to be such a large part of the projects.

The make a website course does cover basic bootstrap, and you can always read about bootstrap on the bootstrap website (link)

The course @stetim94 is referring to is Unit 5 of this one. Do you use Chrome’s developer tools while working on the projects? It helps a lot. All the understanding you’d need is the first two chapters of this Codeschool course.

Also, I wouldn’t move past the first project until it’s 100% done. The projects sorta build on each other (the first 3 especially). Hope this helps!

Hi, I’m new here, and brand new to coding. I also did the free course, then paid and went back to do the quizzes and read some of the premium content. When I started to do the projects, I also noticed the huge gap between the level of the course and the projects. Here’s what I’ve been doing to help:

  • For each project, right-click on the objective (goal project) and open it in a new tab. (I’m doing this in Chrome, I think it makes a difference).

  • Then go to the objective web page, right click, and click ‘inspect’. This opens the code for the objective.

  • Click the sideways arrow for the code you want to explore. This opens any code that is within those tags.

  • Look down to the section below, you will find the css that applies to any html lyou have highlighted in the top section.

  • This gives you all the code you need to create the project.

Of course, it doesn’t explain the code, lol, but at least you can get ideas, make inferences, and solve some problems. It also give you specifics to add questions about. It’s definitely helping me learn. I’m on the 3rd project (Project MOVE) in the HTML course, and while they are taking me forever, I’m learning with each one.

An adviser also advised me to take a break from the projects soon and start the “Make a Website” course, he mentioned that many of my questions would be covered there.

I still have tons of questions, but this has helped a lot.


Good advice, here is another piece of advice: use mdn if you need to find something, it is has great extensive documentation you can use.