[need more details] Codecademy layout coming strange?

So i was making a codebit, and i realised that the way its set out is strange. Like where i do the coding its “foggy” and the bar at the top is all white and the writing is difficult to read. Wasnt always like this, something changed or is it just my laptop

Hey Rite,

Codecademy changed the interface a little the other day, so it’s not just you :slight_smile:

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I would like to see a screenshot of this.

Also, include your operating system and browser.

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Uploading… Ok, i use windows 10 and chrome, but its not just my laptop, the school i go to, its the same there.

So its meant to be like that? The title of the codebit is invisible unless you hover above it, so there must be some problem. Will it be changed in future.

@rite That screenshot didn’t finish uploading, so we can’t see it.

I don’t think the layout is meant to be like how you’re describing it, I think it’s actually a mistake. I thought you were talking about something else originally :slight_smile: