Need Linux to progress further?

Hey guys.

I’m in the middle of the Python tutorial and I’m being instructed to set up Jupyter notebook to go further (chapter: Off-Platform Project: Reggie’s Linear Regression). And as far as I understand, in order to follow along with the instructions on how to do that, I need to learn and use command line.

Problem is, I use Windows, and (correct me if I’m wrong) codecademy’s command line course doesn’t seem to apply to it. I tried installing Linux and, after spending a day setting everything up, I’m stuck in a login loop (most likely due to an outdated graphics’ card driver).

Am I stuck here? Do I really need to install a new OS just to do this exercise?

Looking at the jupyter installation instructions of there official website:

it recommend anaconda:

which does exists for windows. So it seems possible on windows.

I have never used anaconda, but i have heard from people who used that on windows for installing juypter notebook. So hopefully you can get that to work.


I use a Windows machine , WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and I installed jupyter notebook inside it using miniconda. I code using Visual Studio code which I call from within Ubuntu. It’s perfect. I use git on the linux terminal.
I would recommend this to anyone who is using a windows machine however it is not necessary this is just being nerdy you can work well on windows.