Need help


I don't understand what it asking me to do


HI @gaddycgaddy,

This should help with that:


I did try that, but i don't im putting it in the right place or the right order it should go in


Just show me the first one that you tried and we can talk about what is in the wrong place.


Using mathematical operators, finish filling in the equations so that when you click "Save & Submit Code", the console will say TRUE for each equation.

console.log("Xiao Hui".length X 122);
console.log("Goody Donaldson".length X 8);
console.log(8*2 X 16);

I replaced the answers with an "X", you just have to replace the X's with the correct symbols. i.e. <, >, =, ===

Hope this helped/


omg, thank you
big help! :slight_smile:


Glad I could help. :slight_smile:


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