Need help

My friend has homework that she needs to finish before saturday. It involves using john the ripper to crack hashes/passwords. I’m not sure of the exact problem she is having because I don’t understand it. I just started learning html. I have the hashes and wordlist but have no idea what I’m doing. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you post the code/problem?

Not used John the ripper but from a programming point of view it seems pretty simple.

I’m guessing the hashed passwords didn’t use a salt etc, just a simple hash like SHA2, as this is “homework”. So it is a case of creating a lookup table from your word list by hashing all the words with the same algorithm and then checking each hashed password against the lookup table, you get a match then you now know what the hashed password is. If you had salts etc then you could do the same but the salt would mean you couldn’t create a lookup table for all passwords.

Would have thought the program would make it simple to do this.