Need help


.jumbotron a {
background-image: url('');
height: 500px;

its telling me, Set the height of the

to 500px


wrong forum, question unclear. Set the height of what to 500px? your jumobtron? you currently set your links jumbotron to that


Set the height of the div class="jumbotron">.. to 500px


if you want to do that, why did you use .jumbotron a and not .jumbotron as css selector>


cause thats what the instructions told me to do


Make a new CSS rule that uses the class selector .jumbotron
Set the height to 500px
Set the background-image to url('')
those were the instructions


have you resolved it?


yes thank you i realized i didnt need the a element
but im confused why not


oops, i failed to reply. if you use a as css selector you target this html element:


which we call a link (link often has a href attribute: <a href=">google</a>), if you click on it, it will take you to google. now you have a div with class jumbotron:

<div class="jumbotron></div>

now if you do:

.jumbotron { height: 500px }

this will set your div with class .jumbotron to height: 500px; if you do:

.jumbotron a { height: 500px }

this will set the link inside .jumbotron to 500px in height


thank you so much :grinning: