Need help with this program please


Create a file called index.html and a file called min-max.js. In min-max.js create a class called MinMax. This class should have the following:

constructor(numbers) // constructor should store an array of numbers in a member variable called numbers
findMinMax() // this function returns an array that holds the minimum and maximum values of numbers. (You can use the code from the previous assignment to help with this)
removeMax() // this function removes the first instance of the maximum value in numbers and returns the numbers member variable. Example: numbers = [3,9,0,1,7,9]. After this function is called numbers = [3,0,1,7,9]
In your index.html file link min-max.js. Add javascript that instantiates a MinMax object and call findMinMax() and removeMax() on the object and log the results to the console. Do NOT use the array sort method or any pre-written min and max javascript functions to solve these problems.


We will be needing a link to this project page since it is very tricky to navigate to. Please post asap. Thanks.

Assuming you have file system access, click the folder on the left of the tabbar above the editor. Now you are where you need to be to create a new folder or file. Give it a whirl from here and see if that gets you where you want to go.

If this is a bash then ignore everything above.