Need help with this JavaScript code challenge

Hi guys, any of you could tell me what am I doing wrong here? The function is returning as it should, but the error message still shows up… :thinking:

I just couldn’t figure it out. I even reviewed one of the solutions from here > Code should return a string not log it and I still don’t get where I did wrong.

helps if you try out the thing that the error message describes

I did before taking this screenshot, but I managed to solve it.

Just needed to add a - right behind newAge of the first return, like so; ${-newAge}. I would think it doesn’t matter if I needed to add that or not, but it seems it does :sweat:

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion though.

That’s a pretty big difference, it would be saying the wrong thing.
Reading it should make it apparent! Which obviously starts with creating the string in the first place so it can be looked at.
Maybe you only glossed over it “looks about right”, but then you’re pretty much asking to miss the difference, have to process it, as if you had never seen it before and had to read it.

As you can see, it doesn’t say the wrong thing at all. Notice the difference when it prints, it only takes away the negative behind the number 13 and it works. When I didn’t add the - as I mentioned and showed in this first picture, it refused to pass :man_shrugging:

-13 years before is 13 years after, it’s a 26 year difference

is because you should’ve print positive numbers, I think thats how Codecademy test your answer.