Need help with the seond line

  <AB>Item 1</Ab>

On line 6, change the li element text to your name
02. On line 7, add another li element with the text "Browse"


Hi @arraycoder40631,

In HTML & CSS we have opening and closing tags, that means if you make an element you have to close it, and that element can only have one closing.

But they are a few self-closing tags, e.g.

 <img /> tags and the <link /> tag

and many other tags such as the

<br/> tag


your code has a few mistakes. To correct it, you can remove the <\ul> tag, after you've done that you can remove "Browse" from the outside and place it inside the

<ul> </ul> tags

makes sure when you place "Browse" inside the unorderd list tags you place it inside an

<li></li> tag

, then you should remove

<AB>item 1</ab>

In it's place you should put your name in between your list tags


..Now your code should look like this: