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Hi I just started the machine learning course, and so far it has been at a pace I have been able to keep up with.

Then all of a sudden the course goes into a terminal. The video on the page is unclear just how the guy did this, and it is also extremely blurry for me and I can’t read it well.

Here is the link to where I am stuck. Its right before the first video under “Windows.” I have done #1 which is download SQLite bundle and unzipped it.

The course said for beginners but I get the impression that we should already have experience doing what the man in the video is doing. It seems simple enough but I’ve never done anything like it and I would like to request some help please. I feel like with the pace the course was going, suddenly changing and conveying an idea like this is kind of crazy. There is no explanation in the course.

I am running a Windows PC laptop that is not state of the art but it has run many programs fine. I don’t want to do anything wrong with the setup and this looks like an important part of that. Can someone tell me how people are supposed to be prepared for instructions like that? Where is a good place to learn whatever he is doing?

Thank you! Sorry for the long post.


It can be a little overwhelming, but break it down into smaller, more digestible pieces.

You’re setting up a sql server on your machine so you can create (or download DBs and query them locally, rather than in the CC learning environment. (If I’m not mistaken, SQLlite is the flavor of SQL that’s used in the course(s)).

Did you follow the instructions for Windows and run the command,

cd ~/Downloads/sqlite-tools-win32-x86-3200100/sqlite-tools-win32-x86-3200100/

on the command line?
(Are you familiar with the CL?)

Or, as he did in the video, click on the .exe file in the file manager and then the terminal window opened? Were you able to download the ACS file and access it from the terminal window?


@lisalisaj Thank you very much for replying. After looking at it a little more, I think I need to know how to pull up the command line.

So far I have just downloaded the zip file and extracted it. That is all I’ve done.

Command line is a function in Windows and not a program? I have no experience here. I will see if I can get the command line to open on my computer.

I also do not know what a terminal is, or how exactly to access it.

What are all those other programs the video presenter mentions as alternatives?

Its really hard to see for some reason, I’m going to try to view the video a different way.

I feel kind of dumb because I know this is beyond basic, opening a program, but yesterday I was even more confused. I had a few more minutes left in the library and I just couldn’t see what to do.

In the lesson I am on, there was a link for the command line course. I wonder if I should pause what I am on to learn what that is about. Will I be using command line a lot with SQLite?
I had another post which apparently someone viewing thought it needed to be deleted, but there wasn’t anything bad that was said at all. They didn’t even communicate their concern. Is that pretty common in the forums?

Thanks again!! Sorry for all the questions.

Now I feel really dumb. I must have looked away when he says to click on the exe file to bring up the terminal.

You’re on a Windows, machine, yes? Go to the search menu and look for “Command Prompt.”
You can create, manipulate, search for files, etc. It’s akin to using the File menu GUI to search for files or create files on your computer.

Yep, I’d recommend doing the CC command line course or there’s always free stuff on YT to learn how to navigate around and manipulate files on your computer. It’s a useful skill as is knowing basic unix commands.

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