Need help with Social Networking Profile


I am stuck on exercise 5, Social Networking Profile. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here.

I am getting the error "Make sure you have at least one unordered list inside your unordered list of profile sections!"

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Nolan </title>
	<body><img src=""/></body>
	<p>I am 23, male, and I am from Plano.</p>
	        <li>I am interested in Paintball and Video Games.</li>
	        <li>I have a job at the moment</li>
	        <li>"There is nothing to fear, except running out of beer"</li>
	        <li>I have lived in Richardson, Plano, and Lewisville.</li>
                <li> Interests
	                <li>Playing games</li>
	                <li>Watching netflix</li>
	                <li>Listening to music</li>


i don't see you nested a unordered list (<ul>) inside a unordered list (<ul>) so the error message kind of makes sense


Thanks, I fixed it and. I was changing the second (<ul>) to (<ol>) because the other error it was giving me was I needed the (<ul>) nested inside. Turns out I just read it wrong and it needed both a (<ul>) and(<ol>) nested inside a (<ul>)


Good to hear you fixed it, one more tip use markup to make your code show:

You can use single backticks if you want inline:


see how i use backticks around ul? This will make it show on the forum


Thank you again! I appreciate the help.


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