Need help with regex?

I am looking to extract some text from a raw credit card feed for a workflow. I have gotten almost where I want to but am struggling with the final piece of information I’m trying to extract.
An example of the raw feed is: LEO’SFINEFOOD&WINEHARTWELLJune350.0735.00ICGROUP,INC.MELBOURNEJune5UNITEDSTATESDOLLARAUD50.07includesconversioncommissionofAUD1.469.96WOOLWORTHS3335CHADSTOCHADSTONE
I am looking to extract this from the above: (ICGROUP,INC.MELBOURNE)June5UNITEDSTATESDOLLARAUD(50.07)includesconversioncommissionof
with the brackets representing the two groups I am after. The consistent parts across all instances of what I’m trying to extract is: DIGITS (TEXT) DATE TEXT AMOUNT includesconversioncommissionof
I have been able to use the regex: ([A-Z][a-z]\d)[A-Z]AUD(\d,?\d+?.\d*)includesconversioncommissionofAUD
to get me the date and the amount. I am struggling to find a way to get as per the example above the words ICGROUP,INC.MELBOURNE
I have tried putting \d\d(.*) before the above regex but that doesn’t work for some reason.
Would appreciate if anyone is able to help with what I’m after!

Create a rule that matches every date and then simply capture content between the date and the AUD.

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