Need help with Notepad++ webpage

Hi,I am just trying to finish “Make a web site” lessons, after the css courses,I am trying using/trying the codes on notepad++ but I think ı could not connect the html&css see the ss below

I couldnt find the css sources on the html


are index.html and main.css in the same directory?

It might also be helpful if you post your CSS code :slight_smile:


Please present the HTML-code and the CSS-code
you are using…

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@stetim94 Thanks that was the problem
@zystvan @leonhard_wettengmx_n thanks for your answer

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you don’t have to have the css and html file in the same directory).You have the directory Notepad++ (not sure why you would save the files there, but alright). and in Notepad++ you have your htm file (index.html), if in your Notepad++ directory you would have a directory called style, and in style your main.css, you could simple do:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="style/main.css">

You can also use absolute path:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="C:\Program Files(X86)\Notepad++\main.css">

I can’t garantue that path is correct, you check it. Crap windows with all those spaces and (X86) things in the path

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