Need help with .maps lesson in JavaScript!

So in Iterators, the .map method. I got to the final part of the lesson and my code prints fine, Had to divide the array of numbers by 10 using the .map method, is this probably a bug or am I missing something? It works with console.log() but won’t let me pass the course. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for your time, I am NEW to the forum and Codecademy for that matter so any help and guidance is awesome!

const bigNumbers = [100, 200, 300, 400, 500];

// Create the smallNumbers array below
const smallNumbers = => {
  return bigNumbers / 10;

Also here is the link:

Thanks again for your time and sorry about the long post but I’m just a little frustrated because I think I got it but it’s not registering haha
p.s. let me know if I should change anything about how I posted because like I said I’m rather new and don’t want to be a bother next time I post, cheers! :crazy_face:

Hi and welcome to the forums! Would you be able to link to the lesson?

Edit: nevermind, found the lesson.

It looks like you’re not dividing by the right amount.

This is the lesson text:

Use .map() to divide all the numbers in bigNumbers by 100 . Save the returned values to a variable declared with const called smallNumbers .

Haha wow how silly. Thanks for the welcome and I truly appreciate that, I probably could’ve caught it eventually :sweat_smile: Ive been trying to really grind this out because I’m trying to make a career change from the oil & gas industry and I’ve always really wanted to get good at coding since I was young and this is a perfect opportunity!

Anyways thanks a bunch I really appreciate it, that’s what 2am gets ya with little rest in the last week :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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