Need help with just one point in the overview please!



In point 7. CSS: An Overview, the code I keep trying to submit but the programme keeps saying I am lacking the text. But I do have the text (it shows in the preview and it links up). I'm looking at the code, but it's written exactly like the example. What am I doing wrong, why won't the programme accept it?! (please see below)



Could you copy and paste your code the forum so i could run it? Thanks (running code makings debugging a whole lot easier)


Yup. It's Little thing.


Hmm. That came up as the link that it should have in the programme lesson. Is that at all helpful?


Hi its maybe nothing but I notice that after your link tag you have a <p></p> try to remove it.


Hello wizmarco. I only put that in to make it look a bit more tidy. I did delete it and tried again without it and it didn't make any difference.


Can you post your html and css and code with the error you get ?

Like that



Sorry, of course. Below is a screen grab of the code and the message that pops up:


Did you try to put other link ?
Try that

<a href=""></a>

If it doesn't work try to put you link after you image.


Nope didn't work :frowning:


Can you try to change browser.


Uff! Changed browser and it finally worked. Don't know what that was all about.

Thank you!