Need Help with Functions & If / Else


I'm having a bit of trouble with my Java code. I am pretty certain that this is the correct way to pass the lesson, but I'm being told it is not.

I've refreshed my browser multiple times and have tried resetting my zoom back to default to see if that would fix the problem, but I was still being told I was incorrect. If I have made an error, I would appreciate it if someone could point it out to me.
Thank you!


The very last line you wrote
sleepcheck instead of sleepCheck


Thank you! That was a silly mistake that I missed.


Take the "console.log()" out of all your call statements. It should just look like this:


Then you should be good to go. Just note that you can't call a function within a function, the computer gets all wibbly-wobbly-tipsy-turvey when you try that.