Need help with exercise 12


I am sorry to add a thrid post on this but I have the very same issue, and I have already used the uppercase as suggested. Why doesn't the font change? (I have not added the comment here because it is not relevant, as I am stuck with the font Verdana).

h1 {font-family:Verdana
h3 { font-family:Courier
p { color:purple

A problem in #12

What is the error message? change your h1 font-family to Verdana? Could i see your html code


Yes I could not change the font, but now it works..! :wink: Problem solved


Well, what solved the problem? I have the sam issue...


If you have the same issue, why do you not make a new topic in which you provide your html + css code?


Hi! I had made mistakes in the comment and this happened to impair the rest.. However, sometimes I guess it is just a bug, because it has happened to me before that, with the same code, after a couple of hours everything was solved all by itself. So sometimes double checking and waiting does the trick :smile:


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