Need help with declaring a variable

const Entree = Enchiladas;

I’m having a problem with declaring my variable ‘Entree’. My program keeps blowing up and I’m not sure why. I followed all of the instructions that are listed in the directions/lesson.

Hi @iamthenext,

Are you in the Instruction 1?

Copied from the instruction:

1.Create a constant variable named entree and set it to equal to the string ‘Enchiladas’.

You need to follow the words I bolded.

  • Change the variable name Entree into small letters and set it to string.
  • To set a string, you need to quote it with quotation marks '.......'
  • Lastly, remember to change the variable name in console.log into small letter as well since you’ve changed it on point 1.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: