Need help with Chore Door step 10

Hi guys! for some reason, the doors never open. I have followed all the instructions until step 10 and it doesn’t work. thank you so much!

Here my JS code:

let doorImage1 = document.getElementById('door1');
let doorImage2 = document.getElementById('door2');
let doorImage3 = document.getElementById('door3');

let botDoorPath = "";
let beachDoorPath = "";
let spaceDoorPath = "";
door1.onclick = () => { 

door2.onclick = () => {
doorImage2.scr = beachDoorPath;

door3.onclick = () => {
doorImage3.scr = spaceDoorPath;
} ;

HTML code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Chore Door!</title>
    <link href="./style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
 <div class= "header">
      <img src = "">
    <div class = 'title-row'> 
      <img src = "">
          <p class = "instructions-title">Instructions </p>
		    <td class="instructions-number">1 </td>
        <td class="instructions-text">Hiding behind one of these doors is the ChoreBot. </td>
		    <td class="instructions-number"> 2</td>
        <td class="instructions-text"> Your mission is to open all of the doors without running into the ChoreBot.</td>
		    <td class="instructions-number">3 </td>
        <td class="instructions-text"> f you manage to avoid the ChoreBot until you open the very last door, you win!</td>
		    <td class="instructions-number">4</td>
        <td class="instructions-text">See if you can score a winning streak! </td>

<div class="door-row">
<img id = 'door1' class = "door-frame" src = "" >
 <img id = "door2" class = "door-frame" src = "" >
  <img id = "door3" class = "door-frame" src = "" >



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It’s src not scr
Hope this helps :grinning:
(Don’t forget to include the link)

Lol XD,

now is working, Thank you so much!