Need help with =begin =end on ruby programming


my code says

# I am a comment 
This is a comment
This is a comment,too.

and it keeps saying " Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't include =begin. Make sure there's no space between the equals sign and the word begin! "

but i've already written down the code with no spaces in between = and begin. Id appreciate it if you can help me out with my problem. Cheers!


Same thing as yours... this worked for me:

This is a comment
This is a comment,too.

Can you try refreshing your browser or something?


I'm having the same issue, can't see anything wrong with this simple piece of code


This is a bug, moderators to the call!


Hi Rosh 408,

This is tricky - you can't have a space after =begin or =end, even though it seems like the space shouldn't mess stuff up.
If you fix that, you should be able to pass :)


Thanks for that code, it worked! I couldn't see any difference between yours and mine, but somehow it worked!
Think the moderators need to realise this haha


Thanks for the help !! ill give it a shot


ill give it a shot. because i think ive just added a space or two infront of by =begins's and =end's.. i appreciate the help !!



I'm a moderator :)
We do stuff in the forums, rather than in the courses, mostly. But I think that not being able to have a space after =begin or =end is a thing with Ruby, not Codecademy, so I don't think we can fix it.