Need Help With BankTeller Project

I am currently having problems with the Bank Teller project for python.
the step are:

6. Call deposit function and make a savings deposit

On the next line, call the make_deposit() function with these arguments; "savings" , 10 , checking_balance and savings_balance . Assign the function call to the matching checking_balance and savings_balance variables that are also being returned by the function. That is how the new balances are being updated.


7. Print savings balance call after making a savings deposit

Now that a deposit has been made to the savings account, print your savings balance. Call the check_balance() function with these arguments; "savings" , checking_balance and savings_balance within a print function. Your new savings balance should print.

The problem i’m having is when I perform step 6. The amount 10 is assigned to the Checking account variable when it should be the savings account. and when I change the account_type parameter to checking it goes to the savings account.

this is my code for the project:
checking_balance = 0

savings_balance = 0

def check_balance(account_type , checking_balance, savings_balance):
if account_type == “Savings”:
balance = savings_balance

elif account_type == "Checking":
    balance = checking_balance
    return  "Please Input Checking or Savings Account. Thank You!"
balance_statement = "Your " + account_type + " balance is " + str(balance)

return  balance_statement

def make_deposit(account_type, amount, checking_balance, savings_balance):
deposit_status = " "
if amount > 0:
if account_type == “Checking”:
checking_balance += amount
deposit_status = “Successful!”

    elif account_type == "Savings":
        savings_balance += amount
        deposit_status = "Successful!"

        return """Must Choose "Checking" or "Savings" account to successfully complete deposit."""
    return "unsuccessful, please enter an amount greater than 0"

deposit_statement = "Deposit of $" + str(amount) + " to your " + account_type + " account was "  + deposit_status


return checking_balance, savings_balance

savings_balance, checking_balance = make_deposit(“Savings”,10,savings_balance, checking_balance)

check_balance(“Savings”, checking_balance, savings_balance)

print(check_balance(“Savings”,checking_balance, savings_balance))

solved it, realized I had the parameters in the opposite position so I was getting the opposite results :face palm: