Need help with "6. Review: CSS Setup"


I am stuck on this exercise, I don't understad the instructions.
Thw whole question is here:
Please help me figure it out, what should I write?


The CSS files are loaded in the <head><head> element, as they are meta data. We would use the <link> element with three attributes: href, type, and rel.

The href attribute is the path to the external resource, including file name with a .css extension. The type is, "text/css", and the rel is "stylesheet".

type refers to MIME type, which I'll leave you to look up for more detailed information which everyone should know at some point.

rel refers to relation, namely how the resource relates to the document.

Style sheets should load before any other resources so they get parsed into the DOM immediately.

<link href="styles.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/>


Thank you for your help!


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