Need help with 10/11 of Conditionals



public class Switch {
public static void main(String[] args) {

    char penaltyKick = 'X';

    switch (penaltyKick) {

        case 'L': System.out.println("Messi shoots to the left and scores!");
        case 'R': System.out.println("Messi shoots to the right and misses the goal!");
        case 'C': System.out.println("Messi shoots down the center, but the keeper blocks it!");
            System.out.println("Messi is in position...");



Could you post a screenshot of your entire web browser so that we can see what you see please?


Hi @umeradam ,

You have this:

char penaltyKick = 'X';

Now, for step 2, you need to change the 'X' to either 'L', 'R', or 'C'.


Hey. Did you solve this?

If not, let's see if I can help:

The only output this program, in its current state, would ever output is "Messi is in position..." Do you see why?


привет, мне нужна помощь .


you need to use either one of the 3 values. 'L', 'R', or 'C'. you should not use all three values


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