Need help understanding the relationship

Hello, I’m struggling a bit with the module exports class.

In lesson 2 The example code provided for menu.js:

let Menu = {};
Menu.specialty = "Roasted Beet Burger with Mint Sauce";

module.exports = Menu;

Above, I understand that let Menu = {} and Menu.specialty are connected somehow because of the key word ‘Menu’. I think this is confirmed in the description below. Also, Lesson 3 seemed to reinforce this as well.

Along comes lesson 4 where let Menu = {}; created at the top in menu.js is not referenced below in the module.exports. See below.

// part A below
let Menu = {};

// part B below 
module.exports = {
  specialty: "Roasted Beet Burger with Mint Sauce",
  getSpecialty: function() {
    return this.specialty;

how is part A associated with part B? They are not in the same code block.

This has me perplexed. What am I not understanding?

Thank you


Is it?

Then, it isn’t.

That’s no keyword, it’s a variable name.

I believe you should know what object.attribute does

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Thank you again. sorry i miss used the word ‘key’. I’ll be more careful. I reviewed that page on Objects and yes, i’m pretty familiar with them for a newbie. Constructors, classes I understand.

What confused me in lesson 4 is that in the file 2-airplane.js Parts A and B (defined above) are not associated with each other but, then in the file 2-missionControl.js we see console.log(Airplane.displayAirplane()); which confused me because I saw the word ‘Airplane’. Now that I look at it again, it is really referring to Part B in 2-airplane.js and has nothing to do with Part A. In fact, I removed Part A let Airplane = {}; and it still worked fine.

Hopefully, i’m not still confused.

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You’re right to be confused about that. If you look at the example in the instructions here

They do end up exporting that object.
The exercise author(s) must have changed their mind and didn’t clean it up properly.

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