Need help understanding Logical operators in JS


Can Someone explain to me Logical Operators and the reasons we use them for , thanks


You had another topic that talked about this slightly, but which ones are you having trouble understanding?
Do you understand the basic ones like AND (&&) and OR (||)?


I need a basic explanation of the reasons of why we use them and why they are helpful and what they do


what they do should be explained in the lesson? they allows us to check multiply conditions at a single if statement, loop or anything that uses condition checking

You are going to build a rock paper scissors game later, if you want to validate the user inputted the correct thing:

do {
   userChoice = prompt("enter choice: ");
} while (userChoice != "rock" && userChoice != "paper" && userChoice != "scissors")

by using && you can check in one condition if the choice is correct, rather then 3 different conditions, this is just one example, you will see if you continue the course that you will use this more often.


Okay, well we use them, mostly in conditional statements, to return a true or false value.
For example, you would use them in a conditional like this:

if (shoes == "yes" && socks == "yes") { //yes should've been a string, thanks stetim94 for pointing it out
    console.log("Good job keeping the feet not smelly");

The reason this works is because the AND operator checks both sides of the and sign, then determines whether it's true or false.
This is just a simple demonstration of where you would see them, and what it would look like in a conditional statement.
They aren't just helpful, they're necessary to test things, and the more complicated your programs get, the more you'll see them.

Here is a related resource from Mozilla:

if you have any more specific questions, i might have an easier time answering something that you're confused about specifically, rather than a generic "why does this help" because i don't know exactly what you know and it would take a long time to explain


Why didn't you continue this on your other post? :confused:


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