Need help understanding Logical operators in JS


Hello, Does anyone have any good forums or resources where I can thoroughly understand logic gates easily ?

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Have you done Advanced Computer Science before?

If so, I can explain Logic gates if you would like.


Yes please would help


A Logic Gate is basically an electronic circuit that can contain many inputs but will always have only one input. The correlation between the input and output is based on a conclusive logic operator, AND, OR, NOT, NAND (NOT-AND), NOR (NOT-OR), EXOR (exclusive-or), and EXNOR (exclusive-NOR).


How do these logic gates benefit us in javascript ?

why do we use them ?


Logic Gates are a tangible thing whereas javascript is a programming language. Thus meaning, Logic Gates are not found in Javascript but Logical operators are,

Javascript Logical Operators :slight_smile:


Oh XD Anyways Thanks


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