Need help uncovering something

What is the best way to find the most knowledgable and professional people on these forums and ask them questions?

I got lucky a few times and ran into professionals with great knowledge but what’s the best way to find them on purpose? How to search for them in this forum?

Can you guys point me to some?



Some advice, just my 2 cents (in good spirit, not meaning for it to sound harsh):

Put in hours into studies and projects and when you ask for help, and people will be interested and what you do and chime in. (If you build it, they will come).

When you have doubts in your studies, that’s the best time to ask for questions. Otherwise, I would say don’t depend too heavily on questions, because problem-solving is a really vital skill for programming.

The more specific the question, the easier it is to get a great response. Learning what questions are worth asking is also an important skill to pick up. If you are working on interesting projects, people will naturally root for you to pull through (and be more willing to help).

Make a study group with other people at your similar level if that’s your thing and pool resources and notes.


For the record, we are not waiting for nor looking for questions in our inbox, no matter who we are. It’s an intrusion on our privacy. If you have a question, then ask it on the forum.


Yes! Whole-heartedly agree on this!

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@dev6112515278 You got some really helpful advice here:

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