Need help this code is throwing error pls help

train_mass = 22680

train_acceleration = 10

train_distance = 100

bomb_mass = 1

def f_to_c(f_temp):

c_temp = (f_temp - 32) * 5/9

return c_temp

f100_in_celsius = f_to_c(100)


def c_t0_f(c_temp):

f_temp = c_temp * 9/5 +32

return f_temp

c0_in_fahrenheit = c_to_f(0)


def get_force(mass , acceleration):

return mass*acceleration

train_force = get_force(train_mass , train_acceleration)


print(“The GE train supplies”+str(train_force)+“Newtons of force”)

def get_energy(mass , c=3*10**8):

return mass*c


print (“A 1KG bomb supples”+str(get_energy)+“Joules”)

def get_work(mass,acceleration,distance):

return get_force(mass , acceleration)*distance

train_work = get_work(train_mass,train_acceleration,train_distance)


print(“The GE train does”+str(train_work_+“Joules of work over”+str(train_distance)+“meters”)

The trailing underscore does not look correct. Also, be sure to put a space character before Joules. Eg. + " Joules …

By having a quick look at the suite, it is obvious some indentation was missed. For example, in your function’s body you need to add white spaces before writing your code. Happy Pythoning!