Need help,thanks(sorry,I can not copy and paste those codes)

First font size change

Some text for you to make tiny!

Some text for you to make normal size!

Some text for you to make super big!

This is due to your browser’s minimum font size, a setting in your browser that stops text from being smaller than a certain size - in this case it looks like 12px is the minimum.

Go onto your preferred search engine and type in “How to disable minimum font size on (your browser)”.

Follow the steps then once you have changed your browser settings, resubmit the code, should work.

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Thank you,you are right.

You’re welcome.
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Sure,but how can I do that?Sorry, I am a beginner.

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Done ______________!

Well done. If you need help with anything else, just message me.

No problem________:slight_smile:

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Here is a problem.

You need to set the body's background color to brown as per the instructions :smile:


now submit :slight_smile: