Need help saving user input to localstorage on my ToDoList project

Hello! I’'m currently making a ToDoList app, but I need some help with saving the user input to localstorage so that it can stay on a page refresh. I was able to save both the edit and delete buttons to localstorage so that they can stay on a page refresh, but I wasn’t successful with the word values. I could really use some help on this. Thanks!

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Hi ajax1701194127,
There is a way to store data in the browser. With the release of HTML5 it is possible to store data locally in the browser.
Read this article for more information:
Max Programming made a tutorial how to use it: Learn localStorage in JavaScript by building a project! - YouTube
This is also new for me. I think de data will get lost after someone removes the cookies in the browser (I don’t know that for sure). At least your data will hold after refreshing the browser. Hopefully my answer was useful your you.