Need Help Rock,paper,scissors 7/9


if(choice1 ==="paper");
else if(choice2 ==="rock");
return "paper wins";
else(return "scissors wins"; }
} else {
return "scissors wins"; }
compare(userChoice, computerChoice);


Help me because it keeps on saying syntaxError: expected expression '}'

  1. Remove semicolons after if statements.
  2. Paste full code, please.


what do you mean about paste full code


This exercise is a continuation of the previous exercises. Code from the previous exercises (like prompting the user, randomizing computer move, checking if it is a tie) is missing in your snippet. We would like to see your whole code.

But, this snippet shows that you have some serious problems with understanding the syntax of if statements. I would advise you to get back to the exercises about the control statements and do the exercises again.