Need Help Programming

I am 14-years old and have no idea why I am coding or what you are talking about.

I need Help People, I am in need of desperate help:sweat::worried:

Anything in particular? We are here to answer questions.

You are going to have to be a bit more specific, but I find that starting with HTML is often a good intro. While it’s not “programming” in the strict sense of the word, it introduces you to the concept that you type a bunch of stuff into a file and then it gets interpreted by a computer (browser) into something else).

Past that, you can try Javascript, which makes the HTML you just wrote dance and sing on the page.

Add some CSS and now they are dancing and singing with their clothes on and in a prettier environment (you mileage may vary depending on your taste and color perception).

After that you could start learning Python or PHP and take the plunge, even though Javascript really has a lot of the basic concepts of higher level languages and running in the browser eliminated the tedious necessity of setting up your own environment for compiled languages.

This has been my path and it started well before you were born, yet you’ll likely surpass me in skills inside of the next few months as I have been more in a managerial role than a coding one.

Good luck

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Coding is for creating things that can do 2 way communication. You are very young you can start with any programming book either on C#, JavaScript and start learning it from page by page manner. Programming is very easy and fun. My best wishes to you.