Need Help, possible BUG in excercise 3 of CSS Positioning "Inline Block"


I just got from lesson #2 and didn't have any problem at all... in the next lesson the online thing i do is add the "inline" to the "block" that was already there, still it wont let me go to the next lesson, also i can see any change in the full screen.
Am I doing something wrong?


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
        <div display="inline-block" id="one"></div>
        <div display="inline-block" id="two"></div>
        <div display="inline-block" id="three"></div>
        <div display="inline-block" id="four"></div>


You should do this on the CSS tab not on the HTML. What you can do is, you will remove all display= with values that you add on your html. And go to the CSS, for each of your id you will add the display. But remember in the CSS instead of = you have : and no " " between the value.
Hope this will help.


Yes! You we're absolutely right. Thank you very much, I was days frustrared because of this lesson, now thanks to you I can keeo going. Once again, thanks for being the only one interested in answering. See you when we're cats.


You welcome. Courage and good luck :wink: .


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