Need help on string methods .5


caansome one plz helpmas cos iam de white kind lmao jk im am of de blick


HI here the instruction
On line 1, create a variable named parrot and set it to the string "Norwegian Blue".
On line 2, type len(parrot) after the word print, like so:print len(parrot). The output will bethe number of letters in "Norwegian Blue"!

parrot = "Norwegian Blue"
print len(parrot)

len() is one of the string methods who give the length of the strings


parrot = "Norwegian Blue"
print len(parrot)


but actually, the output should be 13, not 14, right?
Do they also count the space bar?


HI yes its also count the space bar.. so it's 14


thanks. i´m keen to learn what may be the use of that.