Need help on booleans on javascript


I am on JavaScript and I have came to the tutorial on booleans. It says Type the string "I'm programming as a professional" then find the length and compare it to 10
im typing it as "I'm programming as a professional".length;"string">10 is that correct? this keeps coming up: SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
Please help


Hi can you post your code?


what do you mean by post it?


copy paste your code to the forum, preferable with using markdown


First, write the string "I'm programming as a professional"
Next, find the length of the string using . Length
Then, compare the length of the string to see if it has more than 10 characters
thats the instructions
"I'm programming as a professional".length;"sting">10 is true is what im typing. keeps giving me that error SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier


sorry guys. im new to this


Okay, this is the string:

"I'm programming as a professional"

so all we need to is compare this strings length with 10. lets first get the length:

"I'm programming as a professional".length

now we want to compare it:

"I'm programming as a professional".length > 10

now, that is all. No need for additional words (like string) or additional quotation marks (")


okay. thank you. I'm making it more complicated than it has to be.