Need help on Anatomy of an HTML Element please help


Anyone help me what we have to do on this lesson please its very urgent


What is going on that is causing this urgency, I am curious!

The message says that you are missing your closing body and html tags -- are you? I can't quite see it clearly from your image.


what should i do now


You could type in the missing tags, that would be the easiest way to go at this.


the missing character are


Are you doing this exercise because of a class you are taking or is this self-study?


class i am taking in school


Almost all HTML elements have both an opening and a matching closing tag. The error message is telling you that you are missing two closing tags, the </body> and </html> tags.

This is the normal structure of a simple web page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html>  //open

<head>  // open
    ...  elements belong in the head go here
</head> // close

<body>  // open
    ... elements belonging in the body go here
</body>  // close

</html>  // close

Can you see what you are missing now?


what we have to do now


I'm looking at the instructions, they say "change the text that appears between the <h1> opening tag and the </h1> closing tag" -- I don't know what you started with there, did you do what it is telling you?


thanks i have done now i am on lesson 3